About ZakhrafaCAD version 1.5 ...

ZakhrafaCAD is a library dedicated to the arabo - Moslem patterns that used in the traditional decoration. Its installs and runs under Autodesk AutoCAD. ZakhrafaCAD is not therefore an autonomous application, it requires AutoCAD inevitably. ZakhrafaCAD permits you, with simple clicks, to fill all contours with the geometric pattern of your choice.

You have until 600 patterns ready to use, and you can, with AutoCAD tools and commands of edition, to create your own patterns already on the basis of those existing... ZakhrafaCAD offers you the thousands of possibilities therefore to draw the traditional zellige.

ZakhrafaCAD 1.5 contains a single version: Gold 600 patterns, with 200 simple patterns, 200 crossword interlacing patterns and 200 simple interlacing patterns.

You can visualize the videos presentation of ZakhrafaCAD to take knowledge of the possibilities that offers this unique application in its kind.

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